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This qualification is essential for anyone wanting to get into the drinks/wine industry. It provides excellent all-round knowledge. The focus is on active learning which allows participants to take away knowledge that can be applied in practical situations.

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Course content:

At this level, your knowledge is taken much deeper than in level 2. It is highly recommended that you sit level 2 first or that you can demonstrate an equivalent level of knowledge. Your chances of passing are much higher.

This course is ideal for anyone who is going to be in a supervisory role in wine sales and/or service.

This level provides a detailed analysis of the wines and spirits of the world. There are also in-depth tastings which enable students to go beyond the assessment learned at level 2 to now be able to use the evidence from the description to draw conclusions about and evaluate a wine. We will taste between 70-80 wines.

This course is a pre-requisite for anyone who wishes to go on and study the Diploma (Level 4).

This qualification has full accreditation from the UK Government’s Qualifications & Curriculum Authority as a Level 3 Vocational Qualification

Course Content

Factors affecting Quality, Style & Price – varieties, rootstocks, environment, ie the magical word terroir. Vineyard management – you will hear many times that ‘a great wine is made in the vineyard’ well, why? Also winemaking choices, ageing and packaging. How many times have you (not) picked up a wine based on its looks? Yes, we can all be that shallow sometimes – looks matter.

Wine & the Consumer – the Systematic Approach to Tasting but now with far more analysis. So you can describe what you’re tasting but now where is it from, how long can it age, what food will it pair with, how much does it cost, which variety is it and how good is it? And importantly social responsibility, self-regulation is far more desirable than more punitive measures being introduced.

Wines of Europe – from the labelling laws to the regions across France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Wines of the New World – from the Atlantic North East all over the Americas round to Australia and New Zealand and across to South Africa.

Sparkling Wines of the World – Champagne and everywhere else!

Fortified Wines – Sherry, Port & Madeira. Other notable fortifieds.

Spirits of the World – Factors affecting quality and style. Tasting and evaluating spirits. Brandy ( and other fruit spirits), Whiskies, Rum and sugar cane spirits, Tequila & Mezcal, Gin & Anise flavoured spirits, Vodka and lastly Liqueurs.

Pretty comprehensive, so be prepared.


The course is 42 hours long plus a 2 hour 15 mins exam with a recommended 56 hours of additional private study. The more study completed before the course the more you will get out of the classroom hours. A pack will be sent to you with a course book, a study guide and a laminated tasting guide.

Courses will be run on Mondays, as this is the quietest day for most restaurants, bars and shops, to least interfere with a working week. There will be 6 full sessions and one revision/ exam session spread over 7 weeks.

The exam consists of a multiple choice paper, a short answers paper and a blind tasting of 2 wines. The pass level is 55% in all papers.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate and a lapel pin.

Price £685 – this is inclusive of everything you will need.

Available Dates:

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Date: Various Available

Start: 10:00 am

Finish: 5:00 pm

Cost: £685 per person