Most expensive wine in Bordeaux…



Loic Pasquet arrived in the Graves heartland of Bordeaux just over a decade ago and this quietly spoken, thoughtful man has since unleashed a wave of mayhem due to what the authorities perceive as mischief.

He has torn up the current rule book and extensively researched the history of viticulture in the region. This has led him to plant 14 ancient varieties including Castet, Mancin, Lauzet, Camaralet and Prunelard; planted on their own rootstocks rather than grafted on to phylloxera resistant rootstocks at densities of 20 000 vines per hectare (5-10 000 is usual); and only sells to private collectors through the Liber Pater wine club.

While none of this has won him many friends in Bordeaux, wine lovers are queueing up to buy his very limited stocks at prices around €3500 per bottle. Gasp!

A very select audience of us will be able to taste this astonishing wine: red 2007 which does not have the ancient varieties as they were too young to include in the blend and red 2015 which will include these intriguing grapes. Loic believes this gives us a true identity of original Bordeaux and I for one cannot wait to taste them. We will also be tasting the white 2015.

We are privileged to have Loic with us on the evening so we can ask him all sorts of questions – the more technical and/or salacious (he is embroiled in court cases with the authorities) the better!

There will be Indian food served after the tasting – Loic recently went on a trip to India and enjoyed the cuisine, luckily it’s a speciality de la maison.

Spaces are necessarily extremely limited so don’t delay.

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Date: 12.12.17

Start: 6:30 pm

Finish: 9:00 pm

Cost: £50 per person