August Adventures

What an August! So now I am royally determined to take the whole month off every year. How has it taken so long to understand how right our continental cousins are about this? No matter how inconvenient it might be to holidaymakers arriving to find restaurants, hotels and activity centres closed for the month at the height of the season, they know the rest of their year will be better as a result. And once past the repressed English frustration there is something admirably noble about the utter contempt they have for commercial logic that might dictate they ought to remain open and store the fat ahead of the surely lean months of winter.

It’s brilliant. I myself have been driving round France, eating every chance I get just in case everywhere else I go is closed. I’ve also been sampling wines from the Loire, the southern Rhone Valley, Provence and Bordeaux. Hard work obviously. The poor Bentley is in grave danger of giving up the ghost entirely. And now back home to unpack and put it all to use.


I can’t believe the Summer’s over already. Not complaining though as the sun is still shining in London town and I have a VERY exciting project in hand. London Love Wine is coming to life, after months of (over)thinking, worrying, planning and discussing.

The lovely and very patient designers have been busy with the logo, branding and website layout, while I’ve been lying by a pool, and have lots to show me.

From the technical side it is extraordinary how much detail goes into creating every aspect of a website. It has been a revelation for me and I am so grateful I have people who seem to understand exactly how to translate what I’m imagining into images on screen.

Of course this means I actually have to do some work now and create all the content as well as getting events booked into the calendar…

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